Our Impact

//Selection of Recent Projects

Portfolio Analysis

A healthcare brand team needed ammunition to convince senior management that their asset, amongst others in the company’s portfolio, had potential to change the current treatment paradigm and, thus, should be funded. Our approach included ethnographic site visits with their potential customers to uncover insights and gauge reactions to the product profile. The video documentary report we provided supplied the evidence the brand team needed to convince upper management to develop the asset.

Brand Positioning and Segmentation

Veros Advisors developed customer-centric positioning strategies for a client with two brands that will compete in the same category space. This required an integrated learning process that started with uncovering insights and latent needs from among varied customer segments. Strategies for each brand and segment were ideated, prototyped and developed.

Device Prototyping and Design

Veros Advisors collaborated with mechanical engineers, designers and marketers to prototype and design a needleless device that can deliver a novel therapeutic with a high degree of accuracy that is easily usable at home by consumers afflicted with serious physical limitations.

Commercialization Strategy for a Cardiovascular Therapy

Veros Advisors helped a new products team formulate commercialization strategy for a cardiovascular therapy. Fieldwork included in-home visits with CHD/ACS patients in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Targets for a Strategic Partnership

We collaborated with a pharmaceutical manufacturer to develop a strategic commercial partnership plan to be implemented in the emerging value network of remote patient monitoring. The project involved an in-depth investigation of both providers in large group settings and executives at payer organizations responsible for such initiatives. The project also included an ecosystem mapping.

Solutions For The “Wicked Problem” of Healthcare Avoidance

Following a deep secondary data analysis, Veros Advisors used a “positive deviance” methodology to develop and test prototypes for helping a large healthcare enterprise discover how to motivate people likely to have one or more asymptomatic conditions to engage in preventative screenings.

Distribution Strategy For a Specialty Pharmaceutical Product

Veros Advisors helped a new products team formulate a distribution strategy for a specialty pharmaceutical product in the respiratory category.

Commercialization Strategy for a COPD Biologic Therapy

Veros Advisors collaborated with a client to conduct a global research and consulting project that explored both physicians’ and patients’ perceptions, attitudes and beliefs towards using biologic therapies for the treatment of COPD.

Strategies for Lowering Re-admission Rates at Large Hospitals

Our healthcare consulting team developed strategies for helping institutions like Johns Hopkins, The Cleveland Clinic and University of Pennsylvania Hospital reduce the incidence of hospital associated infections. The project involved depth discussions with cross disciplinary stakeholders at these institutions as well as ideation, prototyping and implementation.