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We work with forward facing groups on growth initiatives. We help organizations develop strategy, define new products & services, reach new customers and create new markets.

//Innovation Support

We help organizations develop insight.

Contexts: We use an array of design-based techniques and methodologies to elicit the "inside narrative." From rapport building, creative interviewing methods to ethnographic approaches - observing people in their own environment, participating with them in their activities - we employ tools that unlock the rules of meaning that govern the world of the "other." We walk the team through the visual and auditory record of people describing and explaining their world. We explore their artifacts. Through this process, team members gain the crucial baseline knowledge, empathy and context they will need to begin developing insight.

Insights: We guide team members through exercises proven to uncover insights. We draw on individuals' stories to explore their narrative elements, non-verbal cues and seeming discrepancies. In this way, we open the team’s minds to rich discoveries about behavior, emotions, and the rules that govern other people's worlds.

We help organizations innovate.

Ideas: We guide teams through discussions to identify and prioritize insight-driven opportunities. Using generative tools, we support the team through idea development.

Solutions: Through iterative prototype development and testing, we help teams increase the speed and effectiveness of creating and testing new solutions. We help teams test concepts and prototypes in the real world with real people, allowing them to experiment and iterate, reducing risk along the way. We help teams validate refined solutions and prepare for commercialization.

//Innovation Tools

Basecamp Insights™

Develop insight and generate new ideas better together.

Basecamp Insights is a web-based insight management and enterprise collaboration platform. The platform is populated with the data and raw material for insight development and idea generation. Powerful collaborative features help you and your team design innovative strategies, products and services. Here are 5 reasons why your team will love Basecamp Insights:

  • A Living Repository Follow a long-term trajectory, transcend any single business question and reduce the need for last minute research.
  • Better Team Collaboration Build a community resource where internal and external stakeholders can collaborate transparently.
  • Customer-Centered Workshops Anchor team workshops in a customer-centered mindset.
  • Peace of Mind Adhere to security and privacy guidelines through strict access control and system security.
  • Cost Effectiveness Eliminate redundant spending through more efficient use of insight capital.